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Type design is a design of display fonts, also known as typefaces, for a set of characters, in a number or specific size. Typefaces are used to create an experience with the way the type has weight, size, curves, edges, etc. to realize the concept of the typeface the type designer intended. Laura Worthington is a talented type designer. Her amazing hand lettering and typography skills are exceptional and modern. She first published in 2010, since she has published more than 80 typefaces. They’re mainly based on her own hand lettering and calligraphy. In order to really appreciate Laura’s talent, we must understand her background. We have to understand her view on design. And we must understand what she wants to achieve with her designs.

Laura Worthington has become an expert in Visual Communications, but focused her training and mainly works as a graphic designer since the mid-90s. She now gets to do what she loves for the rest of her life which is to publish typefaces. Her style can be described as updated interpretations with a modern Sensibility. Worthington creates families of different display fonts styles that work together and provoke a unique aesthetic. She handles the entire creation from concept, hand lettering, to digitization. Her designs have received many awards from communication Arts, typography, even the webpage myfonts has featured her typefaces as their best of the Year lists 6 years in a row. She has worked in many companies including Microsoft, Starbucks, and JM Smucker. Her talent speaks volumes of her unique and versatile aesthetic, and inspires many to pursuit their dreams and do what they love.

Laura Worthington is a great example of how following your dreams along with hard work and dedication pays off. Worthington’s greatest passion is typography and designing typefaces. She specializes in designing fonts for online retail marketplaces and developing commissioned typefaces for high-profile clients as well as some of the world’s major book publishers. Her passion and devotion to precision and her desire to provide designers with type that’s rich with personality and versatility combine to form a body of work that offers aesthetic appeal. In an interview she stated “the more we interact digitally, the more we have a need for the tangible, the hand-lettered typefaces feel that need”.

In addition to typeface design, Laura is an instructor at Highline Community College where she teaches visual communication courses. She’s created and taught over 30 hand lettering workshops for some of the world’s biggest brands including Adobe MAX, Amazon, Costco, Creative Live, and SVC Seattle. Worthington stated that “in an online world, the ability of typography to connect, or indeed disconnect us, is more obvious than ever. I believe there are great opportunities to create communication that unites and connects all of us in a richer, more meaningful and visually expressive manner”. She wants to not only be a talented type designer she also wants to help unite and connect us through visual communication.

Laura Worthington is in part the definition of a type designer. Her graphic design background has helped her create expressive unique hand lettering typefaces. Her love for design has helped her stand out as the talented artist she is. Her unique look on design and how she expresses her point of view within visual communication helps us understand her as an artist. It helps us see her vision of uniting us through a tangible richer and meaningful way of communication through this digital age

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