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#VALUES what they mean to me

Values are very important. Most people try to live by them. It’s often defined as principles or standards considered important or desirable. They’re the things that we believe are important in the way we live and work. They should determine our priorities. Strength, loyalty, ambition, respect, class, and most importantly family are examples of values that are important to me. The values I believe in play a very important role in my life. To me values are what mold us. They Define our character. I believe our values influence us now and the person we can become, which is why I want to share with you what they mean to me.

Some of us are fortunate to grow up with our families. Who as kids teach us that it’s important to have values. They define who we are and who we will become. Our family’s morals and beliefs are passed down for generations as if it were a family air loom. Were taught to have manners and etiquette. It’s important to be well mannered and educated. It’s important to have ambition. We need to have dreams. We need to set goals. As our parents would constantly remind us. Dad would sit us down for the weekly deep conversations. To talk about anything and everything for hours. Mom was always our friend. Always willing to lend a listening ear and give us her wise advice. Families believe in us and motivate us. They teach us we need to value life. We need to have loyalty and respect. we need to perceiver, be strong, be noble, be generous, and always uphold our values. To me Family is the most important value because they are who mold us with their morals and principles they pass on to us. They will always be our safety blanket.

Some of us have the misfortune of growing up without out families. With no one to teach us the meaning of values. We have no safety blanket. We can only try to imagine what it would feel like to have someone who passes on their words of wisdom. Someone who will stay up and talk to us for hours. The bitter loneliness makes us cold, careless, insensitive. Even when we make many friends, they can’t fill the void a family leaves. We can stand in a room full of friends and still feel alone. They’re struggling with the same problems. We feel alone in a middle of a thunderstorm, flooding our thoughts, and drowning us with emotions. Feeling like we’re alone in a dark room under a spotlight. With no one to take the time to help mold us. To show us things like respect and loyalty. Without values some of us can be selfish, disrespectful, content, and uneducated. Without a family to set an example, without guidelines to follow. We don’t get family believes passed down. We don’t get our air loom. We are left to fend for ourselves. We wouldn’t know how it feels to be protected like a bear would defend her cubs.

Family is a powerful word. Though some of us might have the misfortune of not growing up with a family or they simply don't get along with their relatives we can still have people we consider more than family. one of m fav quotes is "blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family." To me this quote says it all. Sometimes there are people in this world who you just click with. They give you the love and respect that sometimes blood relatives don't give us. As time passes by the bond becomes unconditional love. Now that's what I call family. The feeling that you would do anything for them, and knowing they would do the same for you. It feels like hot chocolate and cookies on Christmas morning. Sometimes these people have such an influence on us that we learn and grow just by having them around, by having them in our lives. Sometimes this family is who help mold us and rub off their incredible energy, their values, their morals, their perspectives, even their joys, hopes, and dreams.

Most importantly the moment we find out that we now have the opportunity to grow a life or even adopt one. A little person we will have the opportunity to mold. We’re given a new outlook in life. We’re given the opportunity to come full circle. The opportunity to either start or end a cycle. Whatever our values and priorities were if they weren't already in a positive direction should now change. We’re now the roots of this life being created. They are a little seed ready to grow into a beautifully prosperous tree with care, love, and protection. We now have a family of our own. We’re now responsible to teach and pass down the values we would want our child to have. Whether we had or didn’t have a family who molded us, we now have the chance to pass down our own Family air loom. Our values will be a huge piece in how their character will be. What they will value. We’re their safety blanket. That's why family to me is one of the most important value, but there are other values I feel have influenced me which I'll share them with you in other posts. I hope that by letting you in my thoughts and perspectives I can help inspire you to always see the best in the world and let your inspirations guide your ambitions.

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