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Know Your Fashion History #GEORGINA CHAPMAN

Fashion to many of us means so much more than something we just throw on to leave our house. To some of us its a passion, a way of life. It's a way to express ourselves. It's a way to show a piece of our personality. Some of us love it so much we want to show our love and appreciation for fashion by creating some. There are many incredibly talented fashion designers I look up to and admire, one of those designers is the beautiful and talented Georgina Chapman. I love her fashion brand Marchesa it's sophisticated and high end womenswear. I also admire her as the powerful, elegant, classy, and most importantly talented women she is.

Georgina originated from London, England. When Georgina was in her twenties she modeled for Head and Shoulders. Georgina has appeared in many movies and TV shows such as Pride and Prejudice, the business, Nanny Diaries, matchpoint, Shanghai Knights , Factory girl , High Society, etc . Well Chapman attended Chelsea College of Art and Design she met her future business partner Karen Greg. After she graduated from Wimbledon School of Art she began her career as a costume designer. She appeared in various television shows and films and in 2004. Greg and herself launched Marchesa which they named after Marecha Luisa Casati. Chapman married Harvey Weinstein on December 15, 2007. They have a daughter India Pearl and his son Dashiell Max Robert.

You may also know her from a show called Project Runway All Stars which aired on January 05, 2012. Honestly that's where I first heard of Georgina Chapman.

Project Runway has always been one of my favorite shows so when I heard of Project Runway All Stars of course I had to watch it. When Georgina Chapman appeared she had a certain grace, elegance, and Poise about her that really admired. I also really loved her sense of style. I had heard of the brand marchesa, but I still didn't really know much about the founders. Her appearance in project runway gave us a peek into a talented and beautiful fashion designer.

Marchesa is an American brand established in 2004, specializing in high-end women's wear based in New York City. Marchesa has best been known for designing celebrities including Scarlett Johansson, Jeniffer Lopez, Rihanna, and Penelope Cruz. Her aesthetic and eye for fashion is praise worthy no wonder many celebrities love her brand, but not only is she an amazing designer she is also an estimable women.

Chapman is a strong, classy, respectable, independent women. She is an inspiration in so many ways. Not only is she an extremely talented designer. Not only is she an incredible mom, person, and business women. She is a great example of a successful and freethinking women. She has proven to be strong, when her ex husband Harvey Weinstein was accused by many women of assault she did the honorable thing to do and filed for divorce. There are many women out there who will stay in a relationship even after such a scandal. Not Georgina, that demonstrates self respect and respect for these women who were brave enough to share their stories.

Georgina is great for so many reasons. These are some the reasons I look up to her. I aspire to be like her as a designer. Her aesthetic is admirable and an influence on my own fashion line I plan to have one day, one can all dream, back to Geargina I admire her as the fashion icon she is. Now more than ever, I admire her as a women. For demonstrating her strength in all aspects of her life.

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