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Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Growing up in big cities such as El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico then moving to a small city like Taos, New Mexico, I had many experiences. Taos is a beautiful place, but have you heard the expression "small town, big hell"? Sadly, I witnessed many of my friends losing their path falling into gangs, using drugs, becoming alcoholics, sadly, even many friends dying. But, I also saw many people who prospered and became talented actors, dancers, lawyers, firefighters, etc. This made me see that many people have a goal in life, a dream, a plan, or as it has been said a reason to live, but sadly many don’t. Many live for fame, money, family, or just for the ride life offers. As the thought of life swirled in my head I asked myself what is the meaning of life, and will I ever figure out my road in life. This is something I’m going to figure out, it’s a journey I must make, the journey of self discovery. Art has always been a way to express myself, a way to liberate my mind, and it’s what helps me through my journey, helps me get a meaning to life, and draws my road in life.

My passion for art is something that has always been in my life. Ever since I was in kinder garden I remember the love for just doodling. To me it's about creating something out of nothing. I was always inspired me to draw, decorate, and design. Doodling was my way of expressing myself. I got good at it so I began sketching, drawing, and even sculpting. Soon it became a passion, a way of liberating my mind, and a way to relieve stress.

Now that I’m older I have found many forms of self expression to be appealing to me such as dance, drawing, sculpting, writing, and especially fashion and graphic design. Fashion to me is important because it incorporates the different types of self expression. It incorporates my doodles from kinder garden, my sketches now, and ideally the magazines and clothes I will create one day. As a graphic designer I get to help others bring their ideas to life and help their businesses succeed. My passion for fashion and graphic design have become so intense that I have decided to dedicate my time and my life to pursuing graphic design and the fashion world. My whole life I wondered what’s the meaning of life is, or where is the road I should follow. Then I realized that art has drawn a road for me and given me a reason to be. Through art I open a new world that invites many to view my points of view and my perspective on life, and to view the world the way I see it. It gives me the liberty to create meaning from a blank piece of paper. It gives me the opportunity to help others. It makes the world my canvas to draw, design, and create. With art and fashion I have made a journey that allows me to find myself and to help others.

I have come to realize that to incorporate my art in my future I would love to become a fashion designer along side graphic design. I would also love to work my way to fashion magazine editor. I believe I have the enthusiasm, energy, personal style, and willingness to learn. I’m willing to do what ever it takes to get to where I want to be, and what I want to do. A fashion editor gathers the clothing and accessories necessary to design a project spread for a magazine and a travels a lot to get different ideas. A fashion editor is also like a stylist they must conceive photo shoots, edit designer collections, and help with their advertising images. They also supervise the creative process and present their knowledge of style which is typically based on the local fashion and fashion around the world. It combines my love for both Graphic design and fashion.

I got inspired by people such as Tyra Banks and many famous graphic designers such as Paula Scher and Massimo Vignelli. Shows such as Stylista, Project Runway, and movies like 13 going on 30, and The Devil wears Prada were also a major influence. The people, shows, and movies all symbolize one thing, the fashion world. Tyra Banks is an inspiration because in her short life she has managed to become everything from an international supermodel to a producer. Both Massimo Vignelli and Paula Scher proved that to stand out as a graphic designer one must not follow the "norm" one must stand out. And in shows like Stylista and Project Runway, and movies like 13 going on 30, and The Devil Wears Prada it represents the passion in fashion and the huge impact that it has on everyone. Fashion whether people know it or not affects everyone because no matter what they wear they are displaying a style or a trend. They are also displaying their personality with the clothing they choose to wear.

Many times the thought of life swirled in my head I would always sit there and wonder what’s the meaning of it is, and when will I figure out my road in life. Then one day as I was drawing, creating, designing, etc. and I realized this whole time I’ve been on my journey, art gives me purpose. Why was I looking so hard when it has been right in front of me. Art and fashion is the path that I will forever follow. The world is my canvas, and I will draw the road myself; I have found the answer to my journey of self discovery. And the answer is my passion for art and fashion.

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