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There are many things that make a great design. One of the most important is the artist concept. An artist’s design concept is an idea for a design. Another very important aspect of design is the artist’s culture. Culture is the arts, beliefs, customs, institutions, and other products of human work and thought. Design Culture is the study of the interrelationships between design artefacts, in all their manifestations. The work of designers. They both help us understand what influenced them and how the design came to be.

Doyle Dane Bernbach was among the first to believe in having a concept-based advertisement. On the early 20th century advertisers job was to buy and sell newspaper space on behalf of a client. For the Think Small Volkswagen campaign, the problem was trying to sell a small, ugly, cheap, foreign car which Hitler had created. At this time Americans were in in love with stylish fast vehicles. They wanted to turn it into an American car. They did this by describing the ideal car. They then explained how the beetle wasn’t that. Then proceeded to explain how that was a good thing. They’re advertising tactic change the industry forever. It changed the role of an Advertiser.

Doyle Dane Bernbach culture was American-based. Bernbach and Doyle worked together at Grey advertising in New York. Bernbach was the creative director in 1949. They teamed up with Mac Dane and together they started Doyle Dane bernbach in Manhattan. In 1949 the economy was picking up after the great depression. Companies were able to provide bigger better products and were able to provide more for our consumer society. The rise of America’s economy gave them the opportunity to advertise to a society who were eager to spend. American’s were chasing the American dream. The American culture influenced the advertising concept and technique.

There have been many great ad companies, but Doyle Dane Bernbach was one of the most revolutionaries. they created the number one campaign of all times with their Volkswagen “Think small campaign.” They exemplified the new “soft sell” approach with catchy slogans and witty humor. A clever concept and the designer’s culture created the perfect combination for the perfect advertisement.

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